Cabral's Quest - V0.10.2

Cabral’s Quest is a pixel art puzzle game set up in a hidden world underneath the wetlands, ancient land of the capybaras.

We are now looking for people that are willing to play it and share some honest feedback with us:

In this game, you need to use different runes to change the nature surrounding you and find your path to each fragment of the deed to help Cabral reclaim their land.

The current demo has 17 levels corresponding to the first world and the expected duration is between 25 to 40 mins. We are looking for any kind of gamer and dev feedback that can help us understand better where we are at.

It’s available in desktop versions for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Mac users: Please be aware that you’ll need to choose Open Anyway via Security Settings, as we do not have a Mac developer account yet.

Windows Users: some Windows versions may mark the file as dangerous. After executing the game, select "More info" then "Run anyway".

You can use the feedback forms available on our itch (Spanish and English versions available), or feel free to contact us here for any kind of feedback.

You can find our game here:


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