Unveiled – version 1.2.3


Here is the link to the game download file:


No installation necessary, just unzip and launch the .exe file.

Headphones recommended but not mandatory.

It is a short game I made for my Computer Science BSc final year project at university.
As part of my final report, I need to provide data based on tester feedback, so I need as many people as possible to play through the game.

My aim is to collect all the feedback by the end of this month (30th April 2022).
This project's deadline has already been extended several times due to health and personal problems, so it's unlikely I can accept feedback
past this date. If you have some time to spare, I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out by testing my game at some point within this timeframe.

GENRE: interactive story, dark, atmospheric.

PLATFORM: PC (it's not very demanding, it's made with Unity).


- Play through the game as much as you can/feel like, but do so in one play session. The game has no save feature. *
- At the end of your play session, please add some contact details so I can send you a survey to fill for feedback. The responses are anonymous. **
- Make a note of any bugs you find, either directly through the Playcocola platform or separately, as you wish.

If you get stuck, feel free to contact me for hints/help. I will respond as soon as possible. ***

Email: unshackled.phoenix@gmail.com

Discord: Skelbo#9356

- certain player animations stop working after other animations are used
- visual jitters during certain camera motions
- bottom edge of screen view in one certain level overextends past the scene intended to be captured

*I request that you please play the game in one go rather than chopping up the experience in several 5-10 min sessions on different days because it is meant to be experienced as a whole, otherwise it's pretty pointless. It is a very short game so this should be achievable.

Also, mainly for this reason I have not added a save feature in the game. If you decide to stop playing with the intention of returning to it again later on, you will have to restart from first stage of the story.

So, technically, you can replay up to the point you quit at last time and then carry on from there, but I would highly recommend and ask that you do not do that since the experience will be very diluted and potentially confusing.

** The contact details are marked optional by Playcocola platform, but I do need some, otherwise I can't use any of the feedback you write on here in my report. It must be officially recorded in the survey for it to be usable to me.

You don't need to provide a real name or any name at all, just an email address/some place I can contact you at.

Alternatively, you can just contact me yourself at the above details when you've finished your play session to let me know you are ready to receive the survey. Then you don't need to fill the form on Playcocola.

The reason I'm not simply sharing the survey link in this description is because testers must not access it before completing the play session, otherwise they may get spoilers.

*** The game has been bug tested so if you get stuck it's more than likely not a technical problem that prevents advancing.

Therefore, I do encourage contacting me if you would like a hint.

However, it is your choice if you decide you do not want to continue playing past a certain point for any reason, be it you got stuck, lost interest, don't have enough time to complete it or simply don't want to be given hints/solution to further test the game.

Other than that, feel free to share any thoughts you have during the session recording at any time.

Thank you!

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interactive-story dark atmospheric


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