Once upon a Dungeon II - version

Once upon a Dungeon II is a traditional roguelike game with a scent of Slavic mythology.
It features turned-based combat, hack/slash oriented gameplay, and 2D cartoon graphics with dynamic lighting.
It also contains some RPG elements like quests and dialogs (full voice acting).

Although it is an early access stage, the game is quite large/complex.

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Roguelike RPG Dungeon Crawler Turn-Based


Minutes Play Session


Minutes Full Gameplay

The reward for the Playtester

You have to show me a screenshot of your Quests screen.

1) Tier 1

  • Requirement: finish 2 quests
  • Reward: I'll provide you a Steam key to the game

2) Tier 2

  • Requirement: finish 5 quests
  • Reward: Tier 1 + If you wish, so I can acknowledge you in the game credits form

2) Tier 3

  • Requirement: finish 8 quests
  • Reward: Tier 1 + Tier 2 + If you wish, so I can show you Nick + motto in life on one of the in-game graves (shown when the user moves the mouse over the grave).
  • (I can do it for the first 3 persons that will qualify. It will be shown with the next game's version and stay forever)