MemoryMaze - 0.2-alpha (Windows)

MemoryMaze is a ball-rolling puzzle-platformer, inspired by 2004's Ballance game. Tried my best to recreate the Zen-like atmosphere but make it differ in some key aspects.
Mainly, the game features a full 3D camera movement, which adds verticality to level design. Also I intentionally avoided any mechanics that change the physical properties of the player-ball, instead, all base mechanics are aimed at manipulating and changing the world around the player.

I'm looking for general feedback for the game, general feel it left, was it fun, was it comfortable to play, no specific instructions, just play as if it was a fresh steam download.

Game can be accessed here, or on my page. Just unzip the downloaded file and open "Roll.exe".

You can also send feedback to me directly by using the "Feedback" button within the game.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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The reward for the Playtester

Not much i can offer for now, other than a part in the credits section, and of course, a full version upon release :)