Kitsune Endless AFK / Ver 0.3.8 playtest

Hi players!

We're a small studio launching our first IDLE RPG, Kitsune AFK, and we need your feedback. We'd like you to spend around 30 minutes playing, noting what you enjoy and what could be better.

Kitsune Hero is a cute 3D AFK RPG, filled with funny skills, companions, dungeons, and monsters. It's designed for addictive, endless fun for casual role-play gamers.

Enjoy (or not), and please share your honest feedback. We're particularly interested in knowing if the game experience encourages you to return.

System requirements: Android 5.1 and up
Hardware: Android phone with 4+ GB RAM

Happy gaming,
Jinnius team

PlaySession already closed
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casual idle-rpg


Minutes Play Session


Minutes Full Gameplay

The reward for the Playtester

If you could spare a few minutes to play our game and provide some feedback in the form provided after playtest, we'd be incredibly grateful. As a token of our appreciation, we'd love to offer you some free crystals for Kitsune AFK once the game launches fully.