Use and for skip. and for seek. space for play/pause.

22 January, 2022 at 10:27 UTC
  • Duration: 22:16
  • Aspect Ratio: 107:54
  • Dimensions: 2140x1080

Final comment

I think you have a good game here, I also think that it requires much more work to make it accessible and enjoyable.

The graphics are super nice, the color palette very appealing.

The only think is that, even with the help of the tutorial, I still don't know what I have to do. It will be very helpful if you make the game to have a nice learning curve, with a difficult increase mechanism. And with intermediate feedback punches so I know I am doing something good.

I need to know what I have to do next. I need to know when my actions are success. I need to know if some of the planets are idle and I should put them to work.. I need to know if there is any action I am not taking and I should..

If I manage to understand the system I think playing the game will become a very appealing experience for me ;)