Zombie Ranch Simulator

Test the game for bugs and understanding of game mechanics.
Your task is to play the game for 20-30 minutes and record a gameplay video, answer the following questions in detail
Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BearBobStudio.zombie.ranch.simulator.survival.farm.craft
AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/ru/app/zombie-ranch-simulator/id6473446450

Checklist for the analysis and testing of the game

  1. The name and screen resolution of the device on which it was tested. 

  2. Launch the application. The time before the start of the gameplay. Comments. 

  3. Smooth playback. FPS. Comments. 

  4. Visual quality. Rating N/10. Comments. 

  5. The quality of the User Interface (UI). Rating N/10. Comments. 

  6. Gameplay. Rating N/10. Comments. 

  7. The depth of passage during testing. The reporter.Mistakes. Bugs.

  8. General impression, what is your opinion, what can be improved, what is not understood, or what things are very boring?

Example of parsing:

  1. Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite. The screen is 1080x2400

  2. The application starts. The gameplay starts right away. No departures were detected.

  3. It is played smoothly, 30-60 fps gives out. There were no drawdowns during the game

  4. 8/10. According to the light, there are small highlights at the second location.

  5. 10/10. The UI is user-friendly and beautiful. There were no difficulties with clicking on the elements during the game. 

  6. 7/10. According to the gameplay, the classic merge in the first part, the balance is damp, does not progress after level 20. The second part with the robbery is interesting, but the mechanics with opening the safes are not finished, it is not clear why they are there. The third stage with an autofire shootout is played normally only up to level 10, the balance of difficulty does not progress further, it is still a bit damp. 

  7. The game has been completed up to level 20. The following errors were found:

  8. At the third level, the character runs in place near the safe and does not run out of the bank


  9. At level 11, there are no shadows on the sand from the characters


  10. At level 15, all enemies of the cops stand still and do not attack


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